/// Resprays

RS Paintworks Limited provides high quality aircraft resprays at our facility based at Fishburn Airfield. Our team of licensed and unlicensed engineers are able to perform a variety of tasks from bare metal resprays to minor paintwork rejuvenation. 

RS Paintworks Limited remove aircraft paint with approved next generation products. We will never use corrosive elements on your aircraft and the products we use are free of phenols, chlorine and hexavalent chrome. Crucially the products we use do not embrittle the aircraft structure over time in the unlikely event that residual chemicals are left during the prepping process. 

The products we use are approved and used by a variety of aviation companies and have been fully endorsed by; Airbus, Boeing, Cessna, Eurocopter, Hawker, Beechcraft, Embraer and Piper to name a few. 

As several of our staff members are experienced pilots, we are able to collect a variety of aircraft types and deliver them to our facility at Fishburn Airfield.  This service is fully insured by RS Paintworks Limited. 

Once an aircraft has been resprayed by RS Paintworks, we keep an ongoing relationship with our clients to keep their pride and joy in outstanding condition inside and out. All aircraft resprays will receive discounted valeting as part of our aftercare service. Professional aircraft valeting will extend the life of paintwork for years. To see our valeting services, click here.  

If you would like an information pack detailing the variety of services we offer, please fill out the order form below.