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/// Arrival of G-BJST

It has been a very exciting day at Fishburn Airfield today with the arrival of a quite famous visitor to the RS Paintworks facility. 

North American Harvard G-BJST from the Imperial War Museum Duxford touched down safely on runway 26R.

After months of discussion and research into the aircrafts history, the decision has been made to paint the aircraft in the desert colours of AJ841 - a tribute to the brave RAF personnel training in WW2 to become Hurricane pilots.  AJ841 was shipped directly from the USA to the Middle East. It's purported that she was used for in house training, conversions to the Hurricane & pilots currency training. 

You can view this aircraft at its base at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridgeshire if you don't manage to see the aircraft at Fishburn Airfield during the open day on the 16th & 17th of May 2015. 

AJ841 will be available for warbird pleasure flights through Classic Wings, who also operate a second Harvard AT-6, two Tiger Moths, Chipmunks and a de Havilland Dragon Rapide. 

/// G-BODE - Sherburn Aero Club

G-BODE was collected by the RS Paintworks team in January 2015.

As the first of many PA28s from the Sherburn Aero Club's fleet modernisation, we were keen to show the time and workmanship that goes into any project we are involved in. 

The second Sherburn Aero Club aircraft will be completed shortly - a time lapse video of the process will be available to view. 

/// Wotson

Anyone coming to see us at Fishburn Airfield has noticed our vintage RAF truck. It's time we explained what it is, and why we wanted it. 

Our truck is a 1941 Fordson WOT 1 - War Office Transport, that is. It was used for various roles with the Royal Air Force and British Army during WW2. They are available to view at several museums around the UK but they are few and far between. Working examples are extremely rare indeed in the three axle WOT 1 configuration. We believe we have one of the only working Fordson WOT1 variants that still works on a regular basis. 

Our own Fordson WOT1 was stationed at RAF Eastchurch on the Isle of Sheppy during WW2. After the war it was abandoned by the RAF and was purchased by a classic vehicle collector from the Bradworthy Transport Museum. The vehicle was painstakingly restored to a very high standard and still retains its original petrol V8 engine (much to detriment of the RS Paintworks bank account). During closure of the museum the vehicle was acquired by RS.

We plan to keep the exterior of the vehicle as close to its wartime past as possible - and have made several improvements to get Wotson as close as possible to how you would have seen it in 1941.

As for the inside...it was never restored at the museum and much of the panel work inside the truck was beyond repair. No radio equipment or sense of history remained inside the vehicle. 

We plan to fit the inside of the truck out as a mobile office for people to come and see us at airshows and trade shows. Something a little bit different, that retains some of its original history without being sat in a museum - not to mention a chance for people to see the care that we put into any project that makes its way into the RS Paintworks facility. 

/// Sherburn Aero Club

We are very proud to announce that RS Paintworks Ltd has been awarded the contract for the Sherburn Aero Club fleet upgrade. 

The highly successful Sherburn Aero Club boasts an impressive fleet of Piper PA28 Cadets which will be undergoing a full interior and exterior refurbishment at the RS Paintworks facility at Fishburn Airfield. 

The first aircraft will be collected by RS Paintworks on 05/01/2015...we'll keep you posted! 

Sherburn Aero Club fleet